Well, lately I have been feeling the feeling.  You know, the one where you feel like you woke up and realized you’re 30.  It feels like only yesterday I lived at home doing whatever I wanted, or when the biggest responsibility I had was being at work on time.  No bills and no responsibility.  I have had a couple instances lately that reminded me too.

About a month ago, I had an opportunity to go the track with my Benz.  Now anyone who knows me knows I used to love to work on cars, and spent every last dime I had trying to squeeze every last horsepower out of a turboed 4 cylinder.  I spent thousands of hours on my car and in research.  I would scour the internet for the best deals on the parts I wanted to make it completely unique.  I used to despise the guys who I considered “rich” that just bought a fast car, and I prided myself on building a fast car for so much cheaper than what those idiots had spent.  Sure, it didn’t look as nice and was twice as old, but it was faster and thats all that matters right?  ;-)

I went to the track and ran my E63.  High 12′s not too shabby, and I was happy for the day.  I wanted to run a 12.50, so 2 tenths off isn’t bad right?  I stood around with the guys there, they being several years younger than me.  I stood back and just listened to what they were saying.  One talking about a great deal he heard of where you can get this service done that is so much better than the dealer and one guy stating the best parts he found.  He spent 2 days of work so he could save 100 bucks.  I realized at this point that…I didn’t care.  I had turned into the guy I used to despise ten years ago.  I was now the guy who could just afford to buy the car I wanted that was fast from the factory.  I was the guy who I would previously want to beat.  They guy who just shows up with a nice car that costs so much more than theirs.  And they could beat me.  And I didn’t care.  And my car is worth 4 times as much as theirs.

Last night I went to a Weezer concert at the University of Maryland.  As I stood in line at will call, I looked around at the demographic.  Naturally, this being a college campus I expected a large group of students, but I didn’t expect there to be so few adults.  And this college students were so young and immature.  And they looked 16.  And they were all acting so stupid…and they weren’t even drinking.  I did some good ol’ college math and subtracted 18 years from 2010.  In 1994, Weezer came out with the Blue album and started such a good fan base that has grown ever since.  And these 18 year old students were 2 years old then.  I was 14, and the blue cd was one of the first I bought.  I looked around and realized that yes, I am old.

I had dinner with a great girl this week that I had not seen since high school.  Has it really been 11 years?

Now you may think this is all a start at stating that I am going through a mid life crisis or an about to be 30 crisis.  I’m not.  I am just realizing that it’s going fast.  Love God, Love people, and live life to the fullest.  Next time I blink, I will be blogging about being 40.


Weezer 30APR2010

Weezer 30APR2010